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Stable Shoot 2023 Edits-4.jpg


Since acquiring the property in June 2022, Chapel Hill has continued to enhance
the property and
 the facilities it holds. Your horse's well-being, safety and improvement are our top priorities and our facilities reflect our commitment to providing the best possible care and results.

Stable Shoot 2023 Edits-4.jpg
Stable Shoot 2023 Edits-4.jpg

Our expansive property features 23 purpose-designed paddocks with electric fencing, 13 of which are equipped with single or double shelter sheds. Additionally, we offer 5 day yards and a total of 20 stables, all inspected and maintained daily to ensure optimum safety and well-being.

Our facilities further include:

  • Undercover Mechanised 8 Horse Walker

  • High Speed Treadmill

  • Undercover Round Yard

  • Horse Scales

  • 600m Sand-Based Training Track

  • Irrigation to maintain pasture quality and green grass, year round

  • Newly bituminised driveway to support efficient float and truck access

  • Companion pony for unsettled horses/horses stabled alone

  • Three horse angle float for transport to and from Chapel Hill and Horsemed.


At Chapel Hill, our thorough irrigation program ensures green grass, all year round. 

There is controlled clover content to reduce the risk of bloat and laminitis. Our renovated paddocks have low NSC equine blend containing grasses such as Phalaris, Nil endophyte fescue, cocksfoot and AR1 endophyte ryegrass (no ryegrass stagger risks or laminitis issues).

Pasture management includes:

  • Regular visits from external agronomists who advise throughout the seasons

  • Soil health monitoring and improvements through lime and fertiliser 

  • Routine inspection and selective control of weeds and annual species when required

  • Regular paddock renovation programs.

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