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Our comprehensive services encompass spelling, box rest, pre-training,
horse breaking and rehabilitation, tailored to each horse. Our dedicated team ensures meticulous feeding, considering frequency and appropriate combinations of quality grain, pellets, hay and supplements for your horses. Rugging is included, with rugs provided for your convenience.

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With quality facilities and highly trained staff, we offer extensive pre-training services focusing on all elements of prepping the racehorse. Using a combination of treadmill, dressage, pole work and lunging, we can improve your horse's strength, balance, suppleness and fitness.

Strengthening and conditioning packages are also available, including casual treadmill use.


Rehabilitative care including box rest, both IV and IM medications, bandaging, hand walking, treadmill work and more are available. With Horsemed SA Hills Equine Clinic located only minutes away, we work closely alongside vets and other professionals in the industry to support your horse's recovery. 


Our rehabilitation daily rates include daily phone and email communications with HorseMed to monitor the horses progress, for which there is no additional charge.

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Spanning over 80 acres of undulating countryside, Chapel Hill stands as a premier spelling facility. With professionally maintained and irrigated pasture, we have green grass all year round.

As part of our commitment to your horse's health, we facilitate access to essential veterinary, farrier and dental services. We take every measure for your horse's comfort and wellness throughout their stay with us.

Discounted rates for length of stay and number of horses available, please contact us to discuss.

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